Why use The Ring Times?

The Ring Times is an affordable, classic and timely way to advertise your dogs to a broad audience of international judges and exhibitors.

How many ads will be published in each issue?

Only 25 ads will be accepted each week. Get yours in early to ensure your win is seen by the world!

What is the cut off for a submission?

Ad submission will automatically be cut off at 12 Midnight Pacific Time (or when the total maximum number of ads is reached). Any ads submitted after that time will be added to the next issue.

What are the dimensions of the photos?

Our system will automatically resize the image to fit a maximum width of 560px. If you wish to design your own image to be uploaded the dimensions are ideally 560px x 420px @ 72dpi (web resolution). Maximum width is 560px. Maximum height is 750px. We do recommend a landscape orientation image over a portrait orientation image due to the way the individual ads will display in you email client when emailed in the weekly e-newsletter.

What files types can I upload?

The Ring Times accepts image files in jpeg, png or gif.

Can I pick the background colour of my ad?

The Ring Times has developed a red/white(taupe)/blue theme for its issues that we feel compliments as many breeds of dog as possible. The colour your ad is on in the issue is dependent on its order in each issue. The Ring Times will do our best ensure you never end up on a colour that just doesn’t work for your photo.

Is The Ring Times secure?

The Ring Times payment processing is in a secure area. All transactions are processed by PayPal and no data is ever stored on our servers. Look for the “S” in the URL (https://...) when you process your payment.

How do I get on the mailing list for The Ring Times?

Just subscribe using the subscription form on the right. The Ring Times will not sell, give away or use your email address for anything other than for you to receive our weekly newsletter. I hate spam. You hate spam.