Design Services

The Ring Times is pleased to partner with Juliana du Pree of Whitematter Design & Development and Curig Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Juliana is a professional graphic artist who specializes in both web and print based mediums. Not only does she know how to code a website, create a logo or design an ad, she is a 3rd generation breeder and exhibitor of Pembrokes.

Juliana is offering her professional services to those in the dog community at greatly reduced rates (as compared to corporate rates). Need a logo for your next Specialty Show? Or an ad for the next printed publication - national, international or even at the breed club level. Each project is individually quoted based on the needs of the client and custom developed from scratch.

Please contact Juliana for more information

General Price List

Please note that prices can vary depending on the complexity of the project and a quote will be provided prior to commencing any work.

• Photo layout/collage for The Ring Times - $25
• Magazine ad design - $150
• Logo development - $500
• Specialty club logo - $250
• Breeders website - $1500