Ad Rates

The Ring Times offers 25 spots per week.  To secure your spot we encourage you to book early.

The Ring Times is run on an ‘ad credit’ system.  Simply put, each credit you purchase is good for one ad in one issue. 

2013 Ad Credit Rates

The Weekly Roller:

1 Ad Credit : $75.00
Those of you who want to wait till you have the win in hand can advertise with us any week you choose for the economical price of $75.00.

The Ring Runner:

4 Ad Credits: $225.00
Designed for Handlers this option allows you to book 4 pages for the price of 3 in a single week or for those dogs who are out being campaigned and need to stay in the spot light we offer you 4 weeks of advertising for the price of 3.

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The Ring Times reserves the right to edit or not run any disrespectful material.